Mobile Apps

It is now an era of mobile-first! The usage of mobile applications has exponentially grown in all businesses irrespective of their industries and sizes. Mobile apps have proved to be more powerful and efficient in terms of user engagement and revenue generation. For your business to stand out in the present-day competition you would need mobile apps that are intuitive, beautiful, fast, secure and customized to your specifications.

We are experienced mobile app development company that offers full-cycle development services custom-made to your business requirements with highest quality. From ideation to publishing — we take care of your application end to end with cutting edge technologies.

Our team of mobile application developers is dedicated to their responsibilities and develop valuable mobile applications that rightly address your business needs. Our developers interact with you directly and work in close collaboration with you to understand your needs in detail, provide you with regular progress updates, ensuring you stay on top of the project schedule and the project work-flow. Our domain-expertise, help you develop mobile apps within defined timelines while covering all the requirements specified as part of the project scope.

Our Services

Mobile Consulting

We provide professional mobile consulting services to analyze your needs and understand requirements, describe and prioritize features, as well as plan out the solution architecture.

Mobile App Design

Our mobile UI/UX design experts create a conversation-driven mobile user experience that aims for higher conversion and user retention. We provide creative and instinctive apps that better engages users.

Mobile App Development

We help you with all kinds of app development; from website-to-app conversion to original concept realization, from refactoring your existing code to developing a brand-new app. We develop native and hybrid apps – if you are not sure of which one to be chosen, our business analysts help you decide on platform and suitable development framework.

Backend Development

Our team provides robust and secure back ends and provides provision to integrate with other apps or third-party systems with ease.

Mobile App QA and Support

Our mobile quality analysts perform all types of mobile testing and debugging to ensure high quality and ensure good usability of the app.

Mobile App Evolution

Change is constant and fast! We help your app grow by fine-tuning it, expanding features as your business grows. We upgrade your app with cutting edge technology to keep your users continuously engaged and meet their wants.

Our Mobile App Technologies

Android App Development

Android is one of the fastest growing operating system and is very widely used with over 2 billion active users. It is an open source and cost-effective OS which has made it popular. Its versatile features like user friendly interface, memory managed, rich development environment, inter app integration etc. has made it to the favorite-list for many customers. You could transform your business with Android based mobile apps and reach over large android users leveraging your business and gaining visibility.

We have expertise in Android App development that offers a wide range of high quality mobile app services facilitating optimum user experience and better user engagement. Our team holds in-depth knowledge of Android app development along with the good understanding of latest Android releases that help us stand out. We create custom built programs that are well-made and scalable on any android devices.

iOS App Development

Apple’s iOS is a renowned operating system that powers various devices like iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch etc. that are extensively used worldwide. There are many benefits with iOS like integrated search support, gesture recognition, compatibility with iCloud, cellular connectivity with VPN and many more which makes it second popular operating system.

To help business utilize these benefits, we offer scalable, secure and innovative iOS-based app solutions for your requirements. Our proficient iOS developers in both Objective C & Swift, help you manage the entire iOS lifecycle to ensure the accuracy of the product. Our process is refined and efficient that results in user-friendly and appealing apps for your end-users.

Hybrid App Development

We possess extensive knowledge in hybrid app frameworks and offer hybrid mobile application development services to meet varied needs of the clients. The innovative and feature-rich hybrid apps developed by our tech savvy team help clients get maximum returns on investment. We leverage all the renowned mobile platforms to build a cross-channel mobility solution. Our hybrid app development experts also offer consultation about the particularity of hybrid technologies and suggest solutions that could be the best bet for you.

Some of our Hybrid App Offerings includes:

HTML5 App Development

HTML5 based mobile solutions are secure and sustainable, constructed in such a way that they can be easily maintained and scaled as required. Our certified and well-trained developers make use of the most advanced features of the technology to develop user-centric HTML5 apps that fulfils your business objectives.

PhoneGap Mobile App Development

The exhaustive features of PhoneGap development allows to function accurately for diverse operating systems like iOS, Android, Blackberry and many more with single code base. PhoneGap facilitates developers to access native device APIs in an extended modular way and is the preferred mobile app development platform where high quality apps can be delivered by spending minimum time. Our technical talents can create mobile applications with PhoneGap development that will work seamlessly across all the major mobile device platforms and operating systems and provide a positive user experience.

The latest version of PhoneGap is Apache Cordova which is an open source and now widely used that enables developers to build applications using CSS, HTML, JavaScript instead of relying on platform specific APIs. We have highly proficient team who can carry out comprehensive evaluation of your business and choose the right Cordova development solution that will be delivered quickly and cost-effectively to meet your deadlines and goals.

Progressive Web Apps

With the evolving web standards, the push to improve apps to create high-performance, offline-ready mobile apps have catalyzed under the term ‘progressive web apps’. These web apps have complete control over the network stack, making it possible to do advanced caching and offline operations. Our teams are updated with these kinds of latest cutting-edge technologies which help you create apps that are most trendy and latest in the market. With competition increasing every day, it requires that you adopt latest mechanism to stay ahead of your competitors.