SEO Services

You want to get more visitors to your website, increase sales & grow revenue. SEO is your best tool to achieve this. To get your online presence felt, to stand ahead of your competitors you need your website to be search engine optimized.
97% of consumers look for products and services online, your website showing up at the top of search engine results means, you have more chance of getting sales.

Search Engine Optimization includes on-page optimization, off-page optimization, social media promotions, local seo and many more techniques. Our vast experience in SEO services makes sure we cover all aspects for an affordable monthly fees.
You may be launching a new website or you have an existing website, SEO is very important to grow your business, stay in the business.

We understand that along with page rankings, building your business and selling products is the goal. You could reap benefits of successful SEO as we improve your website to get highest possible return on investment. We go beyond traditional approaches to gain more visibility for your business and dominate the competition. We establish strong foundation for your website with clean, dynamic user experience that is easily exposed in search and promote your page rankings.

SEO Audits

A detailed SEO audit is the basis for a good SEO plan. We design precise SEO audit plan customized for each client domain to discover areas of improvement in the website. Our team performs inclusive technical SEO audit before commencing every project. Several SEO audit tools are deployed to analyze data, search patterns and statistical facts and come up with effective strategy for every business needs.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the core essentials of SEO. You need to know how people are searching for your products, services or information that you offer to make it easy for them to find you. If not, they may land up in any other pages in the Google results. We do thorough analysis of your requirements and determine keywords that are highly relevant for your audience and implement keyword SEO that ranks your site above your competitors. We use many SEO keyword research tools that finds best, most relevant keywords that will drive more web traffic on your website. We constantly monitor traffic and continue keyword research to reevaluate old keywords to be replaced with more specific and competitive keywords to further bring in right visitors who are actively looking for your services.

SEO Optimization

In today’s rapidly shifting world, SEO techniques can change in no time. You might have won a top page ranking recently but currently that may not be the case. That is why you must stay at the top of ball in SEO, otherwise your competitors might go far ahead of you. For this you would need experts who have experience in doing this for you.

One of the most important things is to have a good user interface with easy navigation/accessibility to all the pages so that a visitor is engaged in your website. Our UI experts improve user interface across your website and enrich user experience which might help you find future customers. Content optimization and Image optimization are very important aspects of good SEO. We write quality contents and follow standards like shorter paragraphs, sub headers, bullet points, spacing, image optimization and many more which would help your website get better page ranking. Page speed is another vital parameter which would contribute to better rankings. Also, HTTPS is a best practice that will help your website boost SEO presence, stay secure and make it harder for malicious parties to break in to your website. Google warns non-HTTPS websites, and if you have not made secure, encrypted connections, you might be turning away from huge chunk of people wanting to visit your site. Our team helps you with speedy page loads and achieving secure connections to enhance page ranking. We also use variety of SEO optimizing tools which would accelerate your website performance.

Local SEO Optimization

Customers are always searching for services and quite often they look for services near them! They want it fast. For you to win local customer base, your business should get visibility when a person is searching in google with ‘near me’. To achieve this, strategic approach is necessary which our team would handle for you. Few local SEO optimization strategies that we follow includes the below:

• Claiming your business on Google My Business – verify listings, provide accurate up to date information, encouraging customers to review your business online, responding to reviews, creating content within your account with Google posts

• Getting Reviews from Happy Customers – asking for a review in person after close of sale, sending a post – purchase review and ask them their experience, responding to reviews by thanking them and replying in professional way.

• Content based on local new stories – creating blog posts on local events, creating videos and sharing on social media, creating location specific webpages and many more

International SEO Optimization

Generally international optimization for global clients need lot more technical granularity than local optimization. Everything from link building to URL structures needs to be optimized for regional intent as well as language differences. Opportunely, we have skilled team who have compiled various strategies which can elevate ranking factors for your website. Our team work on including language of your pages in HTML code, multiply external links coming from target countries, adapt site ergonomics for mobile, use national domain names, deal with language variants, research and adjust SEO based on different browsing habits and help your business gain higher online presence globally.

Mobile Optimization

Customers today spend lot of time on mobile exploring all kind of contents on smart phones. According to google, more search is done on mobile and tablets today rather on desktop. Content on website cannot be directly consumed as content on mobile. Since this has small screen, it becomes more important to organize contents in a way that creates a good user experience to readers. For example, it might be easy in a desktop to browse through several pages but that might not be the case in mobile. This must be adjusted so that user can scroll through the pages. Also, you must see that images, videos are well rendered on devices. Likewise, buttons and other navigation items should be scrutinized so that they are easy to use. This is taken care by our skilled team who work on all possible aspects to increase web traffic and leverage branding opportunities through your device. Since mobile devices dominate significant online space, you need to have effective marketing regardless device and engage customers flawlessly.

Link Building

Link building is the process of getting other website links back to your own website. This is very important since Google ranks sites with quality backlinks at higher position. All marketers and business owners should build backlinks to promote referral traffic and increase site’s authority.

Link building often is a complex process and needs good understanding to do it in right way. There can be right and wrong ways of building links. You should engage only in natural link building which means you should earn links instead of buying them or achieving through manipulative ways which is known as black-hat SEO.  Such incorrect ways would affect your sites and would be black listed by google. On the other hand, earning link is difficult and time-consuming process, since this could be earned with high quality content, outreach and influential marketing. That said, we proclaim that we have expertise in building right links for your business which could upraise your page ranking and lift your business. Some of the ways that will end up with a variety of links pointing your website includes Blogs, Product pages, Author bio sections, forums, news sites, directories – We help you improvise on these area for better visibility of your business.

Video SEO

As per latest research, YouTube is the second most popular search engine which has more than 3 billion searches per month. Thus, it makes worthwhile to make videos and invest in optimizing video for YouTube SEO which can build huge audience in this platform. Just like google search, YouTube search also works by understanding information about your video. Filename, titles, description of your content uploaded affect ranking in YouTube search. Crafting compelling title would need creativity and expertise which our team exhibit. We make SEO friendly titles such that they are clicked and improve click through rate. Since YouTube can’t read videos, it becomes extremely important to provide meaningful and captivating description which would help in higher rankings for your videos. Our team would provide you tips and guide you to create videos which would help you gaining visibility here.

SEO Analysis

We constantly monitor business review and mentions. We acquire the good and bad about your business from the user reviews and ratings on Google and Facebook and work along to get more positive reviews on Google. Surveys could also be the best way to learn about your business from customer base. We publish online surveys and help you view results graphically in real time. We learn from the reports and periodically augment your website.

SEO Reports

We provide automated weekly SEO reports which describes website positions including Google mobile rankings, website audit, local visibility, form leads and other important KPIs. We monitor your website regularly and see that your website is up every time you have a visitor. We regularly provide you reports so that you can change your hosting if there are any problems.


We offer you services at best and competitive price. Few native companies may offer you with lesser package, but they might not be able to take care of all aspects. We are passionate of satisfying our clients to the fullest and aim at delivering services with topmost quality.