Web Design

A professional, good-looking, user friendly and trendy website is mandatory for a business to grow in online realm. The look and feel of your website will make a visitor stay or leave the page. Hence, it’s very vital to have a decent website to convert visitors into customers and take your business to the succeeding step.

Our web design services focus on your business requirements and build a fruitful site that ultimately enhances your business visibility. We design websites which convey your intended messages with clarity and create an impact to the visitors.
Do you know what are the things that a good website must have? And that out team takes care of!

• Website optimized for SEO – This is very much required for your website to gain visibility. Most of the online experience start with search engine and hence your website should be optimized for best SEO standards.
• Responsive websites – Smart phones and tablets being more popular these days, your websites should be compatible on these devices and should be rendered flawless.
• Secure websites – Data breaches and hacked consumer information are topics of discussion and it is important that you protect your websites. Google also gives preferences to secured websites and hence your website should adhere to security standards.
• Speedy websites – ‘Fast’ is the mantra today, and all you need is it! Visitors need something to be happening in your site always otherwise they tend to leave the space. Hence, your websites should be optimized for speed.
• Optimal user experience – Users need good experience if they want to browse your site.

Therefore, it is important to engage your visitors well so that they could be interested in your services.

We build distinct websites that increase your business potential online. Also, our websites are integrated with Content Management Systems (CMS) for easy editing and handling of content. From design to content, from highly customized enterprise level web portals to web design services for small business, our team handles them meticulously end to end for you.

• Hosting and Coding
• Website Design
• SEO Optimization
• Website compatibility across all browsers
• Integration with social media
• XML sitemap creation and submission
• Analytics Tracking
• And many more!

Web Development Services Offered by us

We design unique, beautiful, thoughtfully laid out and lead focused websites tailored for your businesses. Below are some of the website development services that are offered by us. You can either choose one of them or if you are not sure, you can get in touch with us and we can help you understand technical scope and the one which is most suited for your requirements.

Small Business Website

One of the biggest challenges faced by small business is to expand customer base and create a sturdy online existence. A professionally developed high quality website is the first step to reach this aim. We understand this, and we are there to help you build superior quality websites at reasonable price. We use latest designs, create attractive designs and develop business-oriented features to enhance user experience.

We take topmost care that website is SEO optimized so that wider audience is reached. We also make it mobile responsive so that viewing experience across all devices is smooth. We link your websites on social media platforms to build your brand. So, contact us if you have any small business idea – we too dream the same, make it Big for you!

Corporate Business Website

A professionally designed corporate website is essential to establish your credibility, enhance your accessibility and build strong customer relationships. Corporate websites also act as channel for B2B and B2C communications. Our skilled team understand that corporate websites should be of highest standards as this would be the face of business.

We consider many important factors like branding, relationship building, customer service, demographic data and others while we design the website for you. We see that your website projects a good impression of your company profile and conveys proper brand message. We take care of customers getting optimum help when they are in trouble with any of your services. We implement features like FAQs, Live Chat, Blogs and Call Now buttons to engage customers well and attain higher customer satisfaction. We also concentrate on building strong relationships with customers and personalize experiences with right designs and contents.

We also improve your business constantly by integrating tools like Google Analytics which helps track audience location, behavior and preference and can be utilized in future marketing endeavor.

eCommerce Website Design

The basic motto of online shop is to provide user an experience equivalent to physical store as well provide administrator with easy management facilities. We have dedicated team of experienced eCommerce developers for designing creative and appealing websites for you.
Our solutions can be customized to meet unique demands of our clients. On the front end, we deliver exceptional and unique designs for your online store, effective shopping cart and secure Payment Getaway integration, all the while converting traffic into sales. At the backend, we have the expertise to drive relevant traffic with Ecommerce SEO & PPC Campaigns.

Some of our eCommerce features includes
• Microsite Features – Unique profile for each seller or vendor
• Product Catalog – Collection of products along with product descriptions
• Product Approval – Approval of products for sale
• Commission – Seller wise commission setting
• Reports – Vendor wise sales reports
• Rating and Reviews – Interactive ratings with star ratings

Our eCommerce solutions include

eCommerce SEO – SEO experts optimize top selling products of your store with on-page and off-page SEO strategy that drives traffic to your site
eCommerce PPC Advertising – We combine Google Shopping campaigns with Facebook Advertising, Amazon Ad services for greater sales.
eCommerce Website Designing – We understand your requirements and audience and design appropriate website for you
App Store Optimization – If you offer your shoppers a mobile app, ASO services can be availed to drive app installs on Apple and Play Stores.
eCommerce Analytics – We combine our expertise with Ecommerce Analytics & Conversion Rate Optimization to offer in-depth study and real-world resolutions to maximize sales.
eCommerce Hosting – Ecommerce hosting plays significant role in the performance of your website and hence shopping experience of the user. We are well versed in Ecommerce hosting and can help you migrate to a solution that lifts your website.